01 July 2024

BEREC contributes to the EC public consultation on the White Paper

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On 28 June 2024, the Body of European Regulators for Electronic Communications (BEREC) adopted its input to the European Commission's public consultation on the White Paper "How to master Europe's digital infrastructure needs?". The White Paper delves into the evolving trends, challenges in the digital infrastructure, and presents various scenarios put forth by the European Commission to tackle the identified issues.

Welcoming the opportunity to contribute to this debate, in its input, BEREC provided its views on the technological trends and market developments, emphasizing that competition remains the most powerful tool to ensure that operators have incentives to invest and innovate. BEREC also analysed the EC proposals for the future of digital networks. In its analysis, BEREC examined the framework's scope and objectives, general authorization, radio spectrum, copper switch-off, and access regulation and remedies. The BEREC also focused on universal services and affordability, sustainability, security, and resilience. In the document, BEREC pointed out that the scenarios/proposals enshrined in the White Paper need to be framed within the full context of the electronic communications' legislative framework, including Open Internet and end-user protection, which are essential to uphold.

Future work

In its input, BEREC expressed its willingness to continue the dialogue with the EC and contribute to future Commission initiatives falling within its scope, particularly those related to the governance of the digital sector. Additionally, to assess the functioning of the current electronic communications legislative framework (EECC), BEREC plans to release its inputs on several issues covered by the White Paper, such as IP interconnection, General Authorization, and the implementation of the EECC provisions around co-investment and wholesale-only undertakings.