Public consultation on the draft BEREC Guidelines on very high capacity networks

15 March 2023

During the 54th BEREC plenary meeting (9 March 2023), the Board of Regulators has approved the draft BEREC Guidelines on very high capacity networks (BoR (23) 42) for public consultationFor your convenience, the track changes version of the updated BEREC Guidelines on very high capacity networks showing the update in comparison to the 2020 version of the document is also available under the above-mentioned link.

BEREC published the first version of the BEREC Guidelines on very high capacity networks in October 2020, according to Article 82 of the European Electronic Communications Code. These BEREC Guidelines (paragraph 25) already explicitly state: "since it was not yet possible to take 5G fully into account for the release of these Guidelines, as it has not yet reached mature deployment and significant penetration, BEREC intends to update criterion 4 (performance thresholds for wireless networks) as soon as possible and not later than 2023." Therefore, the new version of the BEREC Guidelines on very high capacity networks, which are publicly consulted here, updates criterion 4 based on data collected from mobile network operators on 5G. The other criteria (criteria 1 to 3) remain unchanged.

BEREC would like to call attention that the subject of this public consultation is the update of criterion four, but not the other three criteria, as they remain unchanged and were already subject of a public consultation in 2020.

Interested parties are kindly asked to send their contributions to [email protected] no later than 28 April 2023 close of business.

After submitting the contribution, an acknowledgment email will be sent to you. Contributions should be sent preferably in English and, in order to facilitate processing of the responses, the comments provided should clearly refer to the specific paragraphs of the document.

In accordance with the BEREC policy on public consultations, BEREC will publish all contributions and a summary of the contributions, respecting confidentiality requests. Any such requests should clearly indicate which information is considered confidential and be accompanied by a non-confidential version.

Contributions received:

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