Qualcomm 09:30-11:00

Event date:

Event location: Spain, Barcelona

Application deadline: 13-02-2020

BEREC has received invitations to attend 5G demos and tours of a selection of vendor stands at MWC20 on February 25.  Invitations are open to relevant colleagues in NRAs, including those who may not be the usual attendees at BEREC events.  Early registration is encouraged.  The registration requirements here are necessary for the purposes of registration and accreditation to the vendor booths. The last date for registration is by 16 February.

Qualcomm is proposing to run 5G demos for BEREC members / visitors for approx. 30 mins from 09:30 until 10:00 followed by questions etc.

From 10:30 to 11:00 it offers a high-level executive discussion for a selection of BEREC members / visitors subject to available capacity constraints. Please indicate your preference to attend this meeting in the registration form.

Please note that the email address needs to be the same one as the one used to register for the GSMA/ MWC pass.