Document Number Document Date Document title Document author
MC/2012/4 Decision by the BEREC Office MC on designation of the reporting officers for the appraisal of the administrative manager of the BEREC Office BEREC Office MC
MC/2012/3 Decision by the BEREC Office MC laying down general implementing provisions on the conduct of administrative inquiries and disciplinary procedures. BEREC Office MC
2012-BEREC-OT-01 Invitation to tender for the provision of Internet connectivity, e-mail, IP telephony and mobile services BEREC Office
BoR (12) 64 Conclusions of the 11th Meeting of the Board of Regulators in Dubrovnik (Croatia) BEREC
BoR (12) 28 BEREC Opinion on Phase II investigation pursuant to Article 7a of Directive 2002/21/EC as amended by Di-rective 2009/140/EC Case: LV/2012/1296: Voice call termination on individual mobile networks BEREC
MC/2012/2 Decision by the BEREC Office MC concerning the reimbursement of travel, subsistence and other expenses incurred in the course of journeys made by persons not employed by the BEREC Office and repealing the previous Management Committee Decision MC (11) 23 of 30 September 2011 BEREC Office MC
BoR (12) 33 BEREC Draft Report "Assessment of IP-interconnection in the context of net neutrality" BEREC
BEREC publishes net neutrality findings and new guidance for consultation BEREC
Press release from the 11th BEREC plenary, 24-25 May 2012, Dubrovnik BEREC
Telco summit boosts BEREC stakeholder engagement programme BEREC