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According to Article 23 of the Regulation (EU) 2018/1971, each year, the Director shall draw up a draft programming document containing annual and multiannual programming (‘single programming document’), taking into account guidelines set by the Commission.

By 31 January each year, the Management Board shall adopt the draft single programming document and forward it to the Commission for it to provide its opinion. The draft single programming document shall also be submitted to the European Parliament and to the Council.

The Management Board shall subsequently adopt the single programming document, taking into account the opinion of the Commission. It shall submit the single programming document, as well as any subsequent updates, to the European Parliament, the Council and the Commission. The single programming document shall become definitive after adoption of the general budget of the Union and, if necessary, shall be adjusted accordingly

The single programming document of the Office is equivalent to a financing decision for the activities it covers and it usually comprises the objectives and performance indicators to be achieved by the Office.

Taking into account the supportive functions of the BEREC Office, the BEREC Office single programming document has to be considered together with the BEREC Work Programme. The single programming document contains details of the work to be performed by BEREC for which the Office will provide the necessary professional and administrative support.

Single programming documents of the BEREC Office: 


The results from the work of the BEREC Office are provided in its Consolidated Annual Activity Reports. The Consolidated Annual Activity Report is drawn up by the Management Board and it comprises financial and management information related to the activity of the Office in a specific financial year, including information on the revenue and expenditure. The Consolidated Annual Activity Report presents the results of the operations of the Office with reference to the objectives set out in the respective Office work programme and explains the use of the resources provided.

The Consolidated Annual Activity Reports of the BEREC Office: