EMF related country-specific information for Belgium

Cooperation of National Regulatory Authority (NRA) + competent authorities (health, environmental, radiation protection)

Involvement of regional (Flemish and Walloon) governments

NRA responsible for setting exposure limits on Electromagnetic Fields (EMF) No
NRA responsible for monitoring EMF No
EMF material published by NRA No
NRA publishes EMF measurements No
Cooperation between NRA and other competent authorities responsible for EMF No
Other noteworthy country specific practices In Belgium, the regions are responsible for EMF.

CNIRP exposure level used

Y/N ?


Levels (far) below ICNIRP 1999/519/EG

Department “Omgeving” of the Flemish government monitors the scientific research and publishes these reports on the website: Competent authorities (health, environmental, radiation protection) should work together:

The Flemish government launched a research project on new evolutions concerning 5G, the societal impact of the rollout of 5G networks on radiation exposure:

In accordance with the DPR 2019-2024 (“Déclaration de Politique Régionale”), the Walloon government has set up a multidisciplinary Expert Group on 5G whose main report is expected at the end of 2020 to help the regional government in its future decision on 5G deployments in the Walloon region. The question of EMF norms will be part of the expert group work but in a second phase, during 2021.