EMF related country-specific information for France

Cooperation of the National Regulatory Authority (NRA) + National Frequency Agency

Electromagnetic Fields (EMF) Exposure Measurements available on request to anyone

EMF measures available on the dedicated website

NRA Arcep, FR
NRA responsible for setting exposure limits on EMF No
NRA responsible for monitoring EMF No
EMF material published by NRA No
NRA publishes EMF measurements No
Cooperation between NRA and other competent authorities responsible for EMF ANFR is responsible for implementing EMF-related regulations.
Other noteworthy country specific practices



ICNIRP exposure level used

Y/N ?


ICNIRP 1999/519/EG

Best practice: Making available a process for monitoring and measuring EMF which allows anyone to request an exposure measurement either in residential areas or any public area free of charge from the National Frequency Agency. A teleservice has been online since November 2017:

All the results of the measurements obtained are published in open data since 1 January 2014: