EMF related country-specific information for Italy

National Regulatory Authority (NRA) AGCOM, IT
NRA responsible for setting exposure limits on Electromagnetic Fields (EMF) No
NRA responsible for monitoring EMF No
EMF material published by NRA No
NRA publishes EMF measurements No
Cooperation between NRA and other competent authorities responsible for EMF No
Other noteworthy country specific practices In Italy, the Framework-Law of 22 February 2001, n. 36 regulates the protection from exposure to electric, magnetic and electromagnetic fields. The DPCM of 8 July 2003 sets exposure limits, attention values and quality objectives for the protection of the population from exposure to electric, magnectic and electromagnetic fields at frequencies between 100 kHz and 300 GHz. According to this framework, competences on EMF are shared among different Ministries. Moreover, monitoring and measurement activities are carried out by the Regional Environmental Protection Agencies (ARPA). Recently, the Law n. 214 of 30th december 2023 envisages the adjustment of EMF limits, to be implemented in the next months. 

ICNIRP exposure level used

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