EMF related country-specific information for Portugal

The National Regulatory Authority (NRA) responsible for Electromagnetic Fields (EMF) monitoring and publishing.

NRA responsible for setting exposure limits on EMF No
NRA responsible for monitoring EMF Yes
EMF material published by NRA Yes
NRA publishes EMF measurements Yes
Cooperation between NRA and other competent authorities responsible for EMF No
Other noteworthy country specific practices






ICNIRP exposure level used

Y/N ?


ICNIRP 1999/519/EG

ANACOM has issued a guide in order to draw some clarity regarding the possible effects of 5G on health:

At national level, ANACOM conducted in 2020 a set of measurements of EMF levels from 5G trials, further to the various authorisations it had issued since 2017 for the performance of technical trials of the 5G mobile technology in Portugal. The full Report is available at https://www.anacom.pt/render.jsp?contentId=1604104&languageId=1 and soon an English version will be made available.

ANACOM organized on 4, 9, 11 and 15 December 2020, the webinar “Towards 5G”, with the objective of clarifying municipalities regarding the implementation of 5G, that promises to transform the digital world in which we live. This webinar was intended to give participants a global view of 5G, how these networks are implemented on the ground, which framework is applicable to the development of electronic communications networks and to clarify the fundamental role of municipalities in their implementation. What powers, powers and obligations the law establishes. The presentations and videos of the workshop are available at: