EMF related country-specific information for Slovenia

The National Regulatory Authority (NRA) is not responsible for Electromagnetic Fields (EMF).

NRA responsible for setting exposure limits on EMF No
NRA responsible for monitoring EMF No
EMF material published by NRA No
NRA publishes EMF measurements No
Cooperation between NRA and other competent authorities responsible for EMF  
Other noteworthy country specific practices  

ICNIRP exposure level used

Y/N ?


Levels below ICNIRP

In Slovenia, EMF-related tasks are assigned to many players:

Article 28 of the Electronic Communications Act contains a provision that AKOS can in general act on a plan of use of radio frequencies with proportionate and non-discriminatory restrictions on the types of radio network technology or types of wireless access technology used for electronic communications services where this is necessary to protect public health against electromagnetic fields with a prior opinion from the ministry responsible for the environment.

AKOS is involved in sharing technical experience and knowledge of the subject with all other parties involved.