EMF related country-specific information for Switzerland

National regulatory Authority (NRA) OFCOM, CH
NRA responsible for setting exposure limits on Electromagnetic Fields (EMF) FOEN
NRA responsible for monitoring EMF FOEN
EMF material published by NRA



Facts FOPH
NRA publishes EMF measurements Monitoring FOEN
Cooperation between NRA and other competent authorities responsible for EMF FOPH
Other noteworthy country specific practices




ICNIRP exposure level used

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The swiss specific exposure limits are set by FOEN and the impact of the NIR on health is studied and observed by FOPH and FOEN.

NIR monitoring is managed by FOEN. Certain cantons have been monitored for several years.

The placement of the base stations is published in the geographical map and many technical aspects of 5G are explained on the OFCOM site. Health aspects are explained on the sites of FOEN and FOPH.