BEREC Office: Annual Administrative Report 2013 from Authorising Officer

Document number: MC (14) 45

Document date: 28-03-2014

Date of registration: 03-04-2014

Author: BEREC Office Administrative Manager/ Authorising Officer

According to Article 40 (1) of the BEREC Office Financial Regulation the BEREC Office Authorising Officer (AO)/Administrative Manager (AM) has to submit to the Management Committee (MC) an annual administrative report on the performance of his duties.

Not later than 15 June each year, the MC has to send the budgetary authority and the Court of Auditors an analysis and an assessment of the authorising officer's annual administrative report on the previous financial year. This analysis and assessment has also be included in the annual activity report of the Office, in accordance with the provisions of the BEREC Regulation.


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