Budget of the BEREC Office for 2018

Document number: MC (17) 110

Document date: 08-12-2017

Date of registration: 11-12-2017

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Author: BEREC Office MC

On 31 January 2017 the MC approved the provisional draft BEREC Office budget for 2018 for submission to the Commission and the Budgetary Authority [the Council and the European Parliament (EP)], which also contains the proposed amount of the subsidy from the EU Budget for the BEREC Office for 2018. The Budgetary Authority approved the General Budget of EU for 2018 in November 2017 without any changes from the requested amount of the EU subsidy for the BEREC Office (e.g. without any change to the provisional draft budget adopted by the MC in January 2017). The final budget and establishment plan for 2018 was adopted at the 33rd Management Committee of the BEREC office plenary meeting in Copenhagen 8 December 2017.