Explanatory Note on Transfers by Administrative Manager in BEREC Office Budget 2016 in January-March 2016

Document number: MC (16) 65

Document date: 20-05-2016

Date of registration: 23-05-2016

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Author: BEREC Office AM

According to Article 27(1) of the BEREC Office Financial Regulation the Administrative Manager may transfer appropriations in the BEREC Office budget from one chapter to another and from one article to another without limit, and from one title to another up to a maximum of 10 % of the appropriations for the year shown on the line from which the transfer is made. In compliance with the provisions of Article 27 (4) of the afore-mentioned Regulation the Administrative Manager has to inform the Management Committee of all transfers made as soon as possible. Therefore, during the 27th plenary meeting of the Management Committee the BEREC Office Administrative Manager will present information on the transfers carried out by the latter in the BEREC Office Budget in the period January-March 2016.