BEREC Office Report on budgetary and financial management 2017

Document number: MC (18) 22 Rev.1

Document date: 21-03-2018

Date of registration: 21-03-2018

Author: BEREC Office AM

The provisions of Article 93 of the BEREC Office Financial Regulation require the BEREC Office to prepare a report on budgetary and financial management for the financial year. The report aggregates all budgetary operations for the year in terms of revenue and expenditure, gives an account, both in absolute terms and expressed as a percentage of the rate of implementation of appropriations together with summary information on the transfers of appropriations among the various budget items. In compliance with Article 13 (3) of the BEREC Regulation the Report has to be transmitted by 1 March 2018 to the Commission’s accounting officer and the Court of Auditors and by 31 March 2018 to the European Parliament and the Council.