Decision No MB/2019/13 of the Management Board of the BEREC Office on the financial regulation applicable to the BEREC Office

Document number: MB/2019/13

Document date: 07-08-2019

Date of registration: 08-08-2019

Author: BEREC Office MB

In 2014 The BEREC Office adopted Decision № MC/2014/1 of the Management Committee on the financial regulation applicable to the BEREC Office in conformity with Delegated Regulation (EU) No 1271/2013 based on Regulation (EU, Euratom) No 966/2012 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 25 October 2012 on the financial rules applicable to the general budget of the Union. On 18 July 2018, Regulation (EU, Euratom) No 966/2012 has been replaced by Regulation (EU, Euratom) 2018/1046(Financial Regulation 2018) and on 18 December 2018 the Commission adopted the new Framework Financial Regulation (FFR 2019) for the decentralised agencies. Therefore, it is necessary to repeal Decision № MC/2014/1 and to replace it by this Decision in order to align it with FFR 2019 and to allow for additional simplification and clarification of rules to take into account the experience gained in their application and to further improve the BEREC Office’s governance. This Decision establishes the broad principles and basic rules applicable to that the BEREC Office without prejudice to its constituent act.