Decision of the BEREC Office Management Board on the approval of budgetary transfer from Title 3 (Budget Line 3001) to Title 2 (Budget Line 2100) to address some of the BEREC Office security needs

Document number: MB/2021/09

Document date: 16-12-2021

Date of registration: 20-12-2021

Author: BEREC Office MB

To ensure partial compliance with the provisions of Article 39 of the BEREC Regulation, which requires the BEREC Office to ensure security equivalent to the Commission security rules, the Director has proposed to the Management Board to agree on a transfer of unused appropriations in Title 3 to Title 2 above 10 % of the appropriations for the financial year shown on the line from which the transfer is made to finance some improvements in the technical and physical security of the Agency. The approval of the Management Board was requested by urgent electronic voting procedure. For more information on the decision, please, read the attached document.