Decision of the BEREC Office Management Board on the probationary period, management trial period andconcerning the appraisal of the Director and repealing Decision MC (10) 26 concerning the appraisal for the administrative manager

Document number: MB/2022/05

Document date: 09-12-2022

Date of registration: 12-12-2022

Author: BEREC Office MB

The objective of this Decision is to define the general implementing provisions for the probationary period, management probationary period and annual appraisal of Director of the Agency for Support for BEREC (BEREC Office) who is engaged as a temporary agent of the BEREC Office in accordance with point (a) of Article 2 of the CEOS. This decision introduces the specific rules for the annual appraisal, probationary period and management trial period applicable to the Director of the Agency. It also determines the actors involved in these processes, their appointment (if applicable), responsibilities, and the respective timelines. The decision enters into force on 10 December 2022. As of the date of entry into force of Decision No MB/2022/05 Decision MC (10) 26 by the BEREC Office MC concerning the appraisal for the administrative manager of the BEREC Office is repealed.