Provision of ICT Support Services, Including Systems Maintenance and Development and Centralised Software Management

Document number: BEREC/2020/07/OT

Document date: 31-08-2020

Date of registration: 31-08-2020

Author: BEREC Office

The subject matter of the framework contract is the provision of information and communication technology (ICT) support services, including system maintenance and development and centralised software management.

Estimate value of the FWC: 932400 EUR
Deadline to receive the tenders: 05/10/2020 17:00 (Riga time)

All documents are available at the at the following TED eTendering website:

All interested economic operators are invited to familiarize themselves with the procurement document available at the above link and to take into account the fact that the BEREC Office uses an e-Submission tool specific for the EU - TED e-Tendering.

TED eTendering is an EU institution’s eProcurement platform allowing free electronic access to call for tenders' documents such as contractual documentation, technical specifications, annexes, questions and answers, etc. TED eTendering effectively represents an added-value extension to TED (Tenders Electronic Daily), the online version of the "Supplement to the Official Journal of the European Union".


For better understanding procurement procedures of the BEREC Office, please consult Guidebook for economic operators.