Study on Post Covid Measures to Close the Digital Divide

Document number: BEREC/2021/04/OT

Document date: 01-03-2021

Date of registration: 01-03-2021

Author: BEREC Office

The Agency for Support for BEREC (BEREC Office) based in Riga, Latvia, invites all interested economic operators to submit tenders for the on-going open tendering procedure for the provision of Study on Post Covid Measures to Close the Digital Divide.

BEREC study with a forward-looking approach, which could help NRAs in designing the right conditions to improve digital inclusion for all citizens. This BEREC study should thoroughly analyse the experience gained during the Covid-19 crisis. This will include quantitative and qualitative research on the impact of this crisis on the digital ecosystem, in particular its effect on the digital divide. The study should draw conclusions and design possible sets of recommendations to further strengthen Europe's digital capabilities to ensure all citizens, including the most vulnerable citizens in the digital ecosystem who lack sufficient access to broadband networks and digital services, become full participants in the digital age.

Estimated total value excluding VAT: 140 000 EUR

Deadline to submit tenders is 06 April 2021

More information can be found in the contract notice and other procurement documents.

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