Update on BEREC work to produce guidelines for the implementation of net neutrality provisions of the TSM regulation

Document number: BoR (16) 49

Document date: 24-02-2016

Date of registration: 24-02-2016

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Author: BEREC

As set out in its 15 December statement, BEREC is currently developing guidelines for the implementation of the obligations of NRAs related to the new net neutrality rules included in the Telecoms Single Market Regulation.

As a further step in its work, a workshop will be held at the first BEREC Plenary meeting of 2016. The workshop will be composed of two sessions. In the first session, BEREC’s Heads will hear from academic, legal and technical experts in the field of net neutrality:

  • Barbara van Schewick, Professor of Law, Stanford Law School;
  • Chris Marsden, Professor of Internet and Media Law, University of Sussex;
  • Alissa Cooper, IETF, Area Director, Applications and Real-Time (ART) Area;
  • J. Scott Marcus, independent expert and consultant.

BEREC invited views from these four high-level experts on the same issues which formed the basis of its stakeholder dialogue meetings in December:

  • The extent to which “commercial practices”, such as zero-rating, can co-exist with the new rules;
  • The kinds of traffic management practices which will be allowed under the new rules;
  • The role and nature of specialised services and how they relate to the new rules;
  • The parameters of Internet access quality (e.g. speeds) on which ISPs will be required to provide information.

Following discussion with the external experts, an internal session will be held where BEREC’s Heads will provide a steer for the further work on the guidelines.