Draft BEREC Strategy 2021 - 2025

Document number: BoR (20) 43

Document date: 05-03-2020

Date of registration: 10-03-2020

Author: BEREC

The current BEREC Strategy covers the period 2018-2020 and therefore it needs to be reviewed. The BEREC Strategy has the function of guiding BEREC’s work in the medium term and serves as the blueprint for BEREC’s annual work programmes.
During the 41th plenary meeting (December 2019), the BoR held a first orientation debate. During this orientation debate, the Incoming BEREC Chair 2021 proposed a new mission statement for BEREC and outlined the structure and key ideas for the development of the new BEREC strategy. The BoR agreed to start working on the draft BEREC Strategy with the view to launch a public consultation after Plenary 1 and to approve a final BEREC Strategy at Plenary 2 or 3 2020.
As agreed during the orientation debate, the draft BEREC Strategy proposes to extend the three year period to 5 years for the period 2019-2024. The prolongation of the period provides better alignment with the legislative cycle of the Commission, as well as its objectives and new priorities set out by President von der Leyen for the period of 2019 -2024.
BEREC’s work focus will be largely impacted by market, technological and policy developments. The main challenges and developments of the upcoming years (topics such as network convergence, digital services, AI, Cybersecurity and sustainable development) are described in this document. On the policy side, considering the strategic priorities adopted by the European Commission, there are several policy goals for the digital market in the EU that are relevant for BEREC to consider.
The structure of the draft BEREC strategy is being retained to follow high-level strategic priorities around promoting full connectivity, supporting sustainable and open digital markets and empowered end-users. These strategic priorities are based on the market developments outlined in the document and the priorities of the Commission.