Draft BEREC Work Programme 2021

Document number: BoR (20) 163

Document date: 01-10-2020

Date of registration: 06-10-2020

Author: BEREC

BEREC has approved the outline of the Work Programme 2021 at the end of January 2020 (BoR (19) 06). This early adoption is a requirement of the new BEREC rules.

Together with the call for input to the review of the BEREC Strategy a first call for input was launched on the BEREC Work Programme 2021 outline in March 2020.

The new Draft Work Programme building upon the  strategic high-level priorities of the BEREC Strategy 2021-2025 around connectivity, digital issues and end-users, which was approved on 16 June 2020.

After considering the early input received from respondents the 44th BEREC Plenary meeting approved the Draft BEREC Work Programme 2021 for public consultation.

This call for input is the final stage of the consultation process for the Work Programme 2021.

BEREC’s activities in 2020 were predominantly focused on meeting its obligations under the Code, by developing Guidelines. In 2021, much of BEREC’s work will shift from issuing Guidelines towards assessing future technological and market developments, especially related to end-user provisions within the scope of electronic communications and the digital ecosystem.

The facilitation of successful implementation, the consistent application of the Code and the focus on sustainability will be important horizontal principles that remain high on the radar of our overall work. An additional key objective is to ensure that very high capacity networks and 5G services are available in a timely manner. BEREC is mindful of what is still needed to achieve the Gigabit 2025 objectives and will continue to promote the roll-out of fibre and 5G.

In a fast moving digital environment, BEREC sees it crucial to track developments within the electronic communications sector and adjacent sectors. In this light, we will continue to deepen our expertise in digital platform regulation and we will further develop our understanding of the contribution we can make into limiting the impact of the digital sector on the environment.

The stakeholders are kindly invited to express their views on the Draft Work Programme 2021.

Interested parties are kindly asked to send their contributions for the Draft BEREC WP 2021 no later than 5 November 2020 (17:00 CET) to the [email protected] email address.

After submitting the contribution via e-mail, an automatic reply will be generated. In case you do not receive the automatic reply after submitting your contribution please contact BEREC Office.

Contributions should be sent preferably in English.

All contributions received will be published on the BEREC website, taking into account requests for confidentiality and publication of personal data. Any such requests should be clearly indicated as clearly stating which information is considered confidential.