BEREC preliminary assessment of the underlying assumptions of payments from large CAPs to ISPs

Document number: BoR (22) 137

Document date: 07-10-2022

Date of registration: 11-10-2022

Document type:
Author: BEREC

This paper sets out a preliminary assessment, in relation to the discussion on the mechanism for “direct compensation”  also referred to as “fair share” proposed by ETNO members  during 2021/2022 , which resembles the “sending party network pays” (SPNP) charging regime . The paper has a limited scope and assesses the grounds for such a proposal and similar approaches, considering market developments that have occurred in recent years and the investments made by the different stakeholders. BEREC's preliminary assessment is based on several internal workshops with invited speakers, a large number of received written contributions and position papers published by various stakeholders and the previous BEREC work.

At this stage, this paper only focuses on the underlying assumptions regarding the need to regulate remunerations of large content and application providers (CAPs) to internet service providers (ISPs).