BEREC’s feedback to the European Commission's draft implementing decision setting out key performance indicators for the Digital Decade Policy Programme 2030

The European Commission has been asking for feedback on a draft act in the form of an implementing decision with the purpose of “setting out key performance indicators to measure the progress towards the digital targets established by Article 4(1) of Decision (EU) 2022/2481 of the European Parliament and of the Council”, i.e. the 2030 Digital Decade policy programme. (link to the call for feedback).

BEREC welcomed this initiative and the RAMM Working Group was tasked to prepare a contribution for adoption by the Board of Regulators. This feedback paper was drafted in a coordinated approach involving other concerned Working Groups of BEREC.

In general, BEREC is of the view that some of the proposed definitions of KPIs are not consistent with the definitions of the EECC and, consequently not with the relevant BEREC Guidelines based on the EECC. Such inconsistencies could cause issues for NRAs and more broadly for the market participants. In order to avoid these, BEREC asks the Commission to define the KPIs in a technological neutral and forward-looking manner and makes proposals for improvement in its contribution to the call for feedback.

Document number: BoR (23) 50
Document date: 09 March 2023
Date of registration: 13 March 2023
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Author: BEREC