Internal background paper Rotterdam Plenary workshop on BEREC guidelines for the implementation of European net neutrality rules

Document number: BoR (16) 32

Document date: 22-02-2016

Date of registration: 22-02-2016

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Author: BEREC

Following the adoption of the Telecoms Single Market Regulation, BEREC has been tasked with producing guidelines for the implementation of the provisions related to net neutrality. Specifically, BEREC should provide guidance on the implementation of the obligations of NRAs related to the supervision, enforcement and transparency measures for ensuring open internet access. Also, the guidelines should contribute to the consistent application of the Regulation.The BEREC guidelines shall be adopted no later than nine months after the Regulation entered into force, which means BEREC must finalise its guidelines by 30 August 2016. BEREC will therefore publish draft guidelines for public consultation following the June 2016 Plenary meeting. BEREC will then take account of all comments received before publishing the guidelines by the end of August 2016.

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