BEREC Draft Report "Assessment of IP-interconnection in the context of net neutrality"

Document number: BoR (12) 33

Document date: 29-05-2012

Date of registration: 04-07-2012

Document type:
Author: BEREC

The focus of the BEREC Draft Report entitled “Assessment of IP-interconnection in the context of net neutrality” is on the wholesale level of interconnection between ISPs and other intermediaries in the internet value chain and analyse how deviations from net neutrality may or may not be reflected at the interconnection level governing transmission of packets across the Internet as a collection of different networks (AS). 

The project on IP-interconnection is part of larger work-stream on net-neutrality also analysing other aspects of net neutrality such as transparency, quality of service and competition issues.

The draft Report was published for public consultation, which was run in the period 29 May - 31 July 2012.