Draft Common Position on monitoring mobile coverage

Document number: BoR (18) 115

Document date: 14.06.2018

Date of registration: 20.06.2018

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Author: BEREC

In 2017 , BEREC published a preliminary report in view of a Common Position (CP) on monitoring mobile coverage, facilitating a common understanding through better defining key concepts, baselines and accessibility of information; and fostering a consistent approach on how mobile coverage information can be made available and understandable among NRAs and to the public throughout Europe. Following on from last years’ work, BEREC continued its initial work of 2017  with the aim of establishing a set of future-looking CPs that achieve a common understanding on how mobile coverage is to be defined, measured and reported.In 2018 and to meet this aim, BEREC gathered expertise from current NRAs through a survey entitled “Practices in Europe Regarding Monitoring Mobile Coverage”. BEREC received the contribution of 33 NRAs which constitutes a solid basis in order to depict a clearer picture of the current state of methods to monitor mobile coverage in Europe.


BEREC launched a consultation on its draft Preliminary report on monitoring of mobile network coverage on 11 October, 2017, in which it sought input from stakeholders, particularly, on the list of characteristics for mobile coverage and on the key features of maps identified in the draft Preliminary report.