Call for expression of interest for the establishment of a reserve list for the posts of Senior Programme Manager (TA - Grade AD7)of the BEREC Office BEREC/2014/04

Document number: BEREC/2014/04

Document date: 17-02-2014

Date of registration: 17-02-2014

Document type:

The deadline is 10 March 2014 17.00 Riga time (16.00 Central European Time).
Applications must be sent either by email or by registered post no later than 10 March 2014 (date of email or date of postmark for registered mail).
Applications sent by express courier service must be delivered on the same date to the address above before 17.00 Riga time (16.00 Central European Time).

This current document is a part of internal decision making process and is not available to public.