BEREC Report on How Consumers Value Net Neutrality in an Evolving Internet Marketplace: a report into ecosystem dynamics and demand side forces

Document number: BoR (15) 65

Document date: 21-05-2015

Date of registration: 21-05-2015

Document type:
Author: BEREC

In order to provide BEREC and NRAs with an understanding of market dynamics relating to net nuetrality (NN), in particular from the end-user perspective, the BEREC Office commissioned a consumer research study to gain an understanding of how consumers value NN and a desk research to gather information already in the public domain on the Internet usage by consumers.

Based on the evidence gathered through these studied the BEREC prepared the current BEREC report describing the key findings.

The current report has a descriptive character and does make any recommendations about how NRAs should regulate in this area. The Report is addressed to both BEREC and the NRAs and could be used by them in their future analysis of the EU/national markets, as well as to contribute to the continuing public debate on the complex issue of NN.

The document was approved by the Board of Regulators during its 23rd plenary meeting, held on 4 and 5 June 2015 in Bergen.