BEREC Report on Terminating Contracts and Switching Provider

Document number: BoR (19) 27

Document date: 07-03-2019

Date of registration: 13-03-2019

Document type:
Author: BEREC

This report collates information on the approaches to switching across different communications services. It discusses the processes used in MS and the applicable rules  in each MS to ensure that there are robust safeguards and adequate protection for consumers against any failures or drawbacks within the switching process.The information, which forms the report, was provided by each NRA in response to a questionnaire issued by BEREC. The questionnaire received a positive response from the NRAs with 30 countries responding to many of the questions (please note that the 30 responding NRAs did not respond to each and every question and, further, for some questions, NRAs were allowed to select several answers and so the number of respondents varies throughout the report).[ For the purposes of this report, the term “rules” is interpreted broadly and is considered to include any practice, decision or legal requirement that is in place in MSs