BEREC Report on the convergence of fixed and mobile networks

Document number: BoR (17) 187

Document date: 06-10-2017

Date of registration: 10-10-2017

Document type:
Author: BEREC

This report aims to analyse operators’ needs in terms of backhaul services and to provide an up-to-date factual report on NRAs’ regulation in the context of fixed-mobile convergence. More specifically, this work wants to examine to what extent regulation of fixed services is currently adapted or modified in order to take into account competition issues related to mobile backhaul and how regulation might change in the near future in order to guarantee a competitive environment at the infrastructure level that is functional to the development of future, advanced, mobile services.This report is descriptive and not normative – it does aim to not make any recommendations. Instead, it highlights the competition and regulatory challenges that arise as a consequence of fixed-mobile convergence. In particular, the report studies how operators respond to their connectivity needs and compares NRAs’ regulation in this context.The report draws upon the results of two surveys, which were completed in Q2 2017, one among NRAs and one among the biggest MNOs of each country. All information provided by the operators has been aggregated in order to preserve confidentiality.