Report on number-independent interpersonal communication services (NI-ICS) revenue indicators

Document number: BoR (22) 183

Document date: 12-12-2022

Date of registration: 12-12-2022

Document type:
Author: BEREC

In its prior “Report on harmonised definitions for indicators regarding over-the-top services, relevant to the electronic communications markets” BEREC made available a series of definitions for NI-ICS indicators related to users (registered/active) and usage but concluded that more thought needed to be given to the proposal of corresponding revenue metrics.  

Moreover, the report concluded that BEREC should further investigate the way and the extent to which it could assist NRAs to successfully fulfil their data needs, considering the potential practical difficulties which NRAs might face in the actual process of data collection.

This report has two parts, one dealing with revenue metrics (section 2, focussed on messaging and telephony/video-conferences apps, but not email services) and the other reflecting on the possibilities that BEREC has to maintain a NI-ICS providers’ contact list which could be used by NRAs whenever they need to reach out to fulfil their duties under the EECC and related regulations (section 3). The report looks at the current NRAs’ needs but concludes reflecting on the future and states that more and different indicators may be necessary as a result of the expected developments, including BEREC’s role in the enforcement of the DMA.