Summary Report on BEREC Sustainability ENG Workshops: Sustainability within the digital sector. What is the role of BEREC?

Document number: BoR (21) 39

Document date: 11-03-2021

Date of registration: 16-03-2021

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Author: BEREC

As BEREC aims to include sustainability as a key element in its strategy and annual work programmes, an expert networking group (ENG) has been established in the first quarter of 2020 for a 2 years period to work on improving BEREC's environmental impact (internal practices to reduce BEREC’s own environmental impact) and on the issue of the environmental sustainability of the electronic communications sector. The ENG organised a two-day internal workshop, held on 5-6 October 2020. It aimed at giving some insights regarding the ICT sector’s impact on the environment and how BEREC can support sustainability goals and be aligned with other environmental strategies at national and international levels. Different public and private stakeholders involved in environmental sustainability work in the sector presented their work in this field and gave BEREC a comprehensive overview in order to expand its knowledge in this regard. This report presents the discussions during the workshop and does not represent BEREC’s opinion.