BEREC events 2023

Public debriefing on the outcomes of the 56th BEREC ordinary meetings

Event date:

Event location: Belgium, Brussels

Application deadline: 12-10-2023

On 12 October 2023, in Brussels, Belgium, BEREC will hold a public debriefing to present the outcomes of the 56th BEREC ordinary meetings. The public debriefing will take place at the IRG Secretariat (3rd floor), Rue de la Science 14, Brussels, at 14:00 CET, with live streaming on the BEREC website.

During the debriefing, the BEREC Chair, Prof. Kostas Masselos (EETT, Greece), together with incoming BEREC Chair Tonko Obuljen (HAKOM, Croatia) and the Working Group Co-chairs, will present the documents approved at the latest Board of Regulators ordinary meeting, together with the election results for the BEREC Chair 2025 and the new composition of the BEREC mini-board 2024. 

The incoming BEREC Chair will unveil the draft BEREC Work Programme for the following year. This document is open for public consultation, and stakeholders can take this opportunity to ask questions before submitting their contributions to the planning document. 

The Working Group Co-chairs will present two documents launched for public consultation. The first document covers the best practices to support adequate broadband Internet Access Service, while the second focuses on the reviewed guidelines for detailing the Quality of Services (QoS) parameters. Attendees will also receive more information on the secure 5G networks report. 

The physical public debriefing is a valuable opportunity for stakeholders to meet the BEREC Chair and the incoming Chair in person. For other stakeholders, they have the opportunity to follow the event online. The link to the livestreaming will be available on the BEREC website shortly before 14:00 CET on 12 October 2023.

To participate in the event, you must register in advance. Due to limited seating at the IRG Secretariat, registration for in-person participation will close once the maximum number of seats is reached. 

Stakeholders are invited to engage with speakers at the debriefing during the Q&A sessions. Please submit your questions through the registration form beforehand (any complex or detailed questions can be sent to [email protected]) and by the end of business on 10 October 2023.

During the debriefing, stakeholders following the livestreaming can submit questions via a dedicated Q&A box on the BEREC website.

Watch the recorded video!