Event title Event Date
Public debriefing on outcomes of the 34th BEREC plenary meetings
34th BEREC plenary meeting in Bratislava, Slovak Republic
Call for interest to participate in the Lattelecom Riga Marathon
1st BEREC CN meeting for 2018 in Bonn, Germany
Public debriefing from 33rd BEREC plenary meetings
33rd BEREC plenary meetings in Copenhagen, Denmark
4th Contact Network meeting for 2017 in Malta
5th BEREC Stakeholder Forum
Public debriefing from 32nd BEREC plenary meetings
32nd BEREC plenary meetings in Bucharest, Romania
3rd BEREC Contact Network meeting for 2017 in Belgrade, Serbia
Public debriefing from 31st BEREC plenary meetings
31st BEREC plenary meetings in Cascais, Portugal and BEREC/EMERG/REGULATEL/EaPeReg Summit
2nd BEREC Contact Network meeting for 2017 in Reykjavik, Iceland
BEREC Office training on ethical values, conflict of interest, fraud prevention and whistle blowing
Public debriefing from the 30th BEREC plenary meetings
30th BEREC plenary meeting in Paris, France
1st Contact Network meeting for 2017 in Malmo, Sweden