DMA High-Level Group adopts statement on Artificial Intelligence 

23 May 2024

Illustration of Artificial intelligence

On 22 May 2024, during the Digital Markets Act (DMA) High-Level Group (HLG) meeting, delegates from BEREC, alongside other HLG members, adopted the public statement on Artificial Intelligence (AI).  
During the meeting, the European Commission (EC) presented the world's first comprehensive law on Artificial Intelligence - the AI Act, endorsed by the European Parliament and the Council of the European Union. The AI Act aims to ensure that AI systems used within the EU adhere to principles of safety, transparency, traceability, non-discrimination, and environmental responsibility. The law proposes that people should oversee AI systems to prevent harmful outcomes instead of relying solely on automation.

 As a forward-looking body, BEREC is dedicated to fostering new technological advancements. In March this year, European regulators issued a High-Level position on AI and Virtual Worlds (VW), providing the EC with a holistic perspective on various aspects and building on their broader expertise. In order to unleash the immense potential of AI and ensure that these technologies are developed for the significant benefit of European citizens, BEREC believes that key issues concerning their competition dynamics, internet openness, environmental footprint, sustainability, and cybersecurity need to be assessed and tackled.

In the future, BEREC members may also assume a role in implementing the AI Act at the national level, further reinforcing the need for national regulatory authorities to be equipped to address the challenges raised by AI.

The role of the High-Level Group  
The HLG provides its expertise and advice to the EC concerning any general matter of implementation or enforcement of the DMA, including regulatory consistency with other frameworks. The HLG can also provide expertise on market investigations into emerging services and practices to help ensure that the DMA is future-proof. The first meeting of the Group took place on 12 May 2023. 

What is the DMA? 
The DMA is a centrepiece of the European digital strategy. It sets clear obligations and prohibitions for large digital platforms with a gatekeeper status providing specific core platform services and ensures that they behave in a fair way and leave room for contestability. These rules shall facilitate innovation, growth, and competitiveness and help smaller companies and start-ups compete with large players and enjoy fairer commercial conditions.