Public consultation on the BEREC Strategy 2021-2025 and early call for input on the BEREC WP 2021

14 April 2020

Together with the call for contributions to the public consultation on the draft BEREC WP 2020, a first call for input to the review of the BEREC Strategy was launched on 7 November 2019. After considering the  input received from respondents the 42nd BEREC Plenary meeting approved the Draft BEREC Strategy 2021-25 for public consultation.

This latest update of BEREC’s strategy covers a period of five instead of three years, namely 2021-2025. This extended period enables better alignment with the legislative cycle of the Commission, and the objectives and new priorities set out by President von der Leyen for the period of 2019 -2024. At the same time, the structure of the BEREC strategy is being kept so as to follow the strategic high-level priorities around connectivity, digital issues and end-users. To ensure that the BEREC strategy remains relevant and aligned with future developments, BEREC will revisit its strategic priorities over the course of the period.

The stakeholders are invited to express their views on the draft strategy 2021-2025.

BEREC has approved the outline of the WP 2021 at the end of January 2020 This early adoption is a requirement of the new BEREC rules. While the objectives of the EECC will still be at the centre of BEREC work in the coming years, BEREC will need to prioritise its work and resources to realise these objectives and we are interested in hearing what areas  you believe BEREC should put particular emphasis on.

This early call for input is the first stage of the consultation process for the WP 2021. BEREC will consult again on its draft WP 2021 after the third BEREC Plenary of 2020 (1-2 October 2020).

Interested parties are kindly asked to send their contributions for both the BEREC Strategy 2021-25 and their early input for the BEREC WP 2021 no later than 13 April 2020 (17:00 CET) to the [email protected] address or provide it through the BEREC online consultation platform: 

After submitting the contribution via e-mail, an automatic reply will be generated.

Contributions should preferably be sent in English.

All contributions received will be published on the BEREC website, taking into account requests for confidentiality and publication of personal data. Any such requests should be clearly indicated as clearly stating which information is considered confidential.