Public consultation on the draft BEREC Report on Sustainability: Sustainability Indicators for Electronic Communications Networks and Services

15 March 2023

During its 54th plenary meeting (9th and 10th March 2023), the BEREC Board of Regulators has approved the Draft BEREC Report on Sustainability: Sustainability Indicators for Electronic Communications Networks and Services for public consultation.

This Draft Report aims to help identify relevant sustainability indicators, which are instrumental in measuring and communicating the environmental footprint of the electronic communication sector. It also analyses the potential role of National Regulatory Authorities (NRA) to participate in efforts to harmonise methodologies in order to define sustainability indicators for ECN/ECS.

It provides an outline of the results of BEREC’s groundwork on sustainability indicators which includes: an overview of existing regulations and of stakeholders’ approaches, a review of current NRAs’ activities related to sustainability indicators and an analysis of adoption and support level of a set of sustainability indicators among industry players.

In this Draft Report BEREC also assesses some of the main challenges to increase environmental transparency in the electronic communications sector.

BEREC continues to build up its knowledge on the important topic of sustainability to be able to contribute with its expertise in shaping the twin, green and digital, transition.

Collaboration with relevant stakeholders is of importance in this process, especially for knowledge and information exchange related to ICT sustainability.

All stakeholders are invited to submit their inputs via EU survey portal here no later than 12 April 2023 (17:00 CET).

Contributions should be preferably submitted in English.

Please send your questions and queries to [email protected], in case you are facing any difficulties with the platform (no contributions will be accepted at this address).

Please ensure that the overall size of the email (including attachments) is not larger than 2 MB.

We strongly encourage all stakeholders to submit their contributions as early as possible. Contributions received after the above-mentioned deadline will not be taken into account.

All contributions received will be published on the BEREC website, taking into account requests for confidentiality and publication of personal data. Any such requests should clearly indicate which information is considered confidential.