Notice on the closure of prospection for office premises for the Agency for Support for BEREC (BEREC Office) in Riga, Latvia

The Agency for Support for BEREC (hereinafter “the BEREC Office” or “the Agency”) intended to rent office premises according to the preliminary specifications published on 27/10/2020 and soon to launch a negotiated procedure.


The BEREC Office carried out a market prospection in order to access the situation on the local market for office premises in Riga, Latvia. Owners and operators of suitable premises expressed their interest in participating in a negotiated procedure by submitting their proposals. In total 16 compliant proposals have been received by the deadline of 10/12/2020.


However, due to administrative reasons it was decided not to proceed further with the evaluation of received proposals and the subsequent launch of a negotiated procedure, therefor the market prospection is cancelled and closed.