BEREC Response to the Commission’s Public Consultation on the contract summary template for electronic communications service providers.

Document number: BoR (19) 163
Document date: 09.09.2019
Date of registration: 10.09.2019
Document type: Opinions
Author: BEREC

Directive (EU) 2018/1972 (the European Electronic Communications Code, EECC) mandates the European Commission to adopt, after consulting BEREC, implementing acts specifying a contract summary template to be used by the providers of publicly available electronic communications services other than transmission services used for the provision of machine-to-machine services. The Commission published a consultation for feedback on the draft act for the contract summary from 12 August 2019 - 09 September 2019. In its consultation the Commission published two documents: the draft Commission Implementing Regulation (EU) establishing a template for the contract summary to be used by providers of publicly available electronic communications services pursuant to article 102(3) of Directive (EU) 2018/1972 of the European Parliament and the Council and a draft Annex to the Commission Implementing Regulation. This document provides BEREC’s input to the draft Commission Implementing Regulation.