BEREC Response to the Targeted consultation on the revision of the Commission’s access recommendations

Document number: BoR (20) 169
Document date: 02.10.2020
Date of registration: 06.10.2020
Document type: Others
Author: BEREC

In the responses to the 42 Questions BEREC sets out in more detail its views and provides suggestions which parts of the 2010 NGA Recommendation and the 2013 NDCM Recommendation can be transferred to a new access recommendation. BEREC also wants to draw the attention to the fact that a number of provisions of the NDCM are now already included in Art. 70 (EoI) and Art. 74 EECC (ERT), i.e. were “uplifted” and thus the number of recommendations in a new access recommendation can be reduced/streamlined, i.e. the new access recommendation does not need to be so detailed as the existing ones.