Explanatory Note on Transfers by Administrative Manager in BEREC Office Budget 2014 in May-July 2014

Document number: MC (14) 99
Document date: 25.08.2014
Date of registration: 15.09.2014
Document type: BEREC Office Budget
Author: BEREC Office AM

Transfers by the Administrative Manager in the BEREC Office Budget 2014 in May-July 2014 and Explanatory Note in relation to Article 27 from Decision MC/2014/1 of the Management Committee on the financial regulation applicable to the BEREC Office in conformity with the framework Financial Regulation for the bodies referred to in Article 208 of Council Regulation (EU, Euratom) № 966/2012 of 25 October 2012 on the Financial Regulation applicable to the general budget of the European Union.

The document has been submitted for cosnideration by the BEREC Office Management Committee during its 20th plenary meeting (Rome, 26 September 2014).