BEREC Office Report on operation and budget execution January-September 2016

Document number: MC (16) 131
Document date: 26.11.2016
Date of registration: 12.12.2016
Document type: Reports on the Budgetary and Financial Management
Author: BEREC Office AM

During its 10th plenary meeting (Vienna, 24 February 2012) the BEREC Office Management Committee (MC) requested the BEREC Office Administrative Manager (AM) to inform regularly the MC about the state of execution of the BEREC Office budget.Since the 19th MC plenary meeting (5-6 June 2014, Dublin) the AM has decided to expand the scope of the Report and to cover also key performance indicators and the state of the most important operational activities.Therefore, the BEREC Office AM will present to the MC at its 29th plenary meeting (9 December 2016, Berlin, Germany) a detailed Report on the operation and budget execution in January-September 2016. The Report contains information on the operational activities, the budget execution by quarters and titles, the human resources management and information on the state of the key projects.The Report contains also information about the budget execution in the first three questers of 2016.The document is for use only by the MC and is not available to the public.