Conclusions of the 24th plenary meeting of the BEREC Office Management Committee, 2 October 2015, Riga (Latvia)

Document number: MC (15) 109
Document date: 02.10.2015
Date of registration: 16.10.2015
Document type: Meeting Conclusions
Author: BEREC Office MC

The 24th plenary meeting of the BEREC Office Management Committee took place on 2 October 2015 in Riga (Latvia) kindly hosted by Public Utilities Commission (SPRK).

The plenary meeting was chaired by the BEREC Chair 2015 – Prof. Fátima Barros President of the Board of ANACOM (Portugal).The BEREC Office Management Committee discussed current issues related to the functioning of the BEREC Office and approved 4 decisions as follows BEREC Office MC Decision laying down general implementing provisions for implementing Article 43 of the Staff Regulations and implementing the first paragraph of Article 44 of the Staff Regulations for temporary staff BEREC Office MC Decision to establish reserve lists for the posts of Legal Officer and Executive Support Officer at the BEREC Office BEREC Office MC Decision of the BEREC Office MC on the designation of the two Reporting Officers for the assessment of the probationary period of the Administrative Manager of the BEREC Office.