Antonio De Tommaso

The image shows Antonio De Tommaso, Co-chair of the BEREC Regulatory Framework Working Group

Co-chair of the Regulatory Framework Working Group

Antonio De Tommaso is Director of the European Union (EU) and international affairs at the National Regulatory Authority for electronic communication, media and postal services (AGCOM) in Italy.

In the Body of European Regulators for Electronic Communications (BEREC), he chaired several Working Groups (WGs) and lastly, he has been the Co-Chair of the Regulatory Framework Expert WG since its establishment. He is an alternate member of the BEREC Board of Regulators and Management Board and a member of the BEREC Contact Network. Antonio joined AGCOM in 1999, first serving in the Market Analysis Department (1999-2002), where he was in the drafting team for interconnection and access regulation, then as counsellor to AGCOM Board Members (2002-2005), and finally in the EU and international affairs Service (2005 to date).

From 1992 to 1999, he worked in in the private sector, as an expert in telecommunications regulation and strategies