Katja Kmet Vrčko

The image shows Katja Kmet Vrčko, Co-chair of the BEREC Cybersecurity Working Group

Co-chair of the Cybersecurity Working Group

Katja is a lawyer with 20 years of experience in electronic communications from the National Regulatory Authority (NRA) perspective. Prior to her position as a Head of the Supervision Department for operators, she worked as an inspector for electronic communications. She has extensive experience in electronic communications, mainly in Open Internet, Quality of Services, market regulation and network/cyber security.

She has been an active member in national interministerial expert working groups for electronic communications, critical infrastructure, cybersecurity and Network and Information Systems (NIS). Katja has been a member of the European Competent Authorities for Secure Electronic Communications (former Article 13a) expert group of NRAs supported by ENISA for 12 years.

As a Co-Chair of the Body of European Regulators for Electronic Communications (BEREC’s) 5G Cybersecurity Working Group, she also participates in NIS 5G Cooperation Group meetings. Furthermore, she has been appointed as a BEREC representative in the European Union Agency for Cybersecurity Advisory Group.