Market and Economic Analysis

The Market and Economic Analysis Working Group (MEA WG) focuses on all issues related to market reviews, including market definition, assessment of market power and market development. In light of this, factors such as competition, innovation and investments are crucial aspects of the analysis. Overall, the work aims to fulfil the Body of European Regulators for Electronic Communications’ (BEREC’s) goal of fostering independent, consistent and high-quality regulation of electronic communications networks and services for the benefit of Europe and its citizens.

In the past, MEA WG has worked closely with the European Commission in the development of key regulatory initiatives such as the significant market power guidelines and the Recommendation on relevant markets. The group has also published guidelines on the application of Article 76 of Directive (EU) 2018/1972 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 11 December 2018 establishing the European Electronic Communications Code - the 'EECC' - with regard to co-investments. Finally, MEA WG reported on market analysis topics such as access to physical infrastructure, the effects of mergers and acquisitions, the analysis and regulation of oligopolies, geographical aspects, and the treatment of fixed and mobile backhaul.

Working Group Co-chairs

The image shows Iulia Zaim-Grigore, Co-chair of the BEREC Market and Economic Analysis Working Group
The image shows Jordi Canadell Boix, Co-chair of the BEREC Market and Economic Analysis Working Group

Iulia Zaim-Grigore

ANCOM, Romania

Jordi Canadell Boix

CNMC, Spain

Work in 2023

In 2023, the MEA WG will continue working on specific topics, based on the BEREC Work Programme 2023.

BEREC Report on the regulatory treatment of business services

Business services consisting of, or based on, electronic communication services are a key input to ensure that European Union companies and public administrations can benefit from the digital economy. They allow for better provision of new innovative services to citizens and increase productivity and competition in a globalised world.

In this report, which is a follow-up to last year’s draft report submitted for public consultation, BEREC has retained the focus on key issues relating to competition dynamics at retail level and analysing the regulatory treatment of the relevant wholesale products. 

In particular, the report provides a snapshot of the markets in which the business services and products are offered, their geographical scope and the remedies applied. It is also foreseen to incorporate pertinent stakeholders’ views expressed in the consultation process. In this respect, BEREC will include in the final report, both the key elements from the 2022 External Study on Communication Services for Businesses in Europe and of the Workshop held last October on this particular topic. Finally, BEREC will also produce a report on the outcome of the public consultation of the draft.

BEREC study on the evolution of the competition dynamics of tower and access infrastructure companies not directly providing retail services

In recent years, there has been a trend towards divestiture/spin-off of key network assets, such as communication towers/sites and access fibre, by telecommunication operators that had previously been vertically integrated. This trend is reconfiguring the market at the wholesale level, leading to a diversity of players that are not (directly) active at retail level, but control key strategic assets needed to provide retail Electronic Communications Services.

BEREC will commission an external study to collect evidence on the evolution of the market for towers and access fibre, focusing on divestitures, spin-offs, and acquisitions of these assets, and on the business models associated with the management, commercialisation and their use.

The main aim of the study is to provide a comprehensive view of the existing trends in Europe and their implications for the dynamic of competition in the retail markets. Moreover, the study will also summarise the regulatory provisions applicable in Europe, explore regulatory initiatives related to towers and access fibre in other jurisdictions that could be of interest and include an overview of tower and access infrastructure companies.

BEREC will hold a workshop in June to discuss this topic with the relevant actors and experts in the field.

Why is this important?

The mission of MEA WG is to secure the regulatory scenery and alleviate potential competitive concerns related to topics under its remit. During 2023, the WG will contribute to the Very High Capacity Networks coverage increase challenge by looking at how the key network assets support their rollout and monitor the Electronic Communications Networks/Electronic Communications Services that can be considered as crucial inputs for the efficiency and competitiveness of businesses. Quite generally, the group assists BEREC to fulfil its strategic priority of fostering full connectivity.