2017 Consolidated Annual Activity Report of the BEREC Office

Document number: MC (18) 45

Document date: 29-06-2018

Date of registration: 29-06-2018

Author: BEREC Office MC

Article 47 of Management Committee (MC) Decision MC/2014/1 on the financial regulation applicable to the BEREC Office in conformity with the framework Financial Regulation for the bodies referred to in Article 208 of Council Regulation (“the BEREC Office Financial Regulation”) requires the administrative manager (AM)/authorising officer (AO) to report to the MC on the performance of his duties in the form of a Consolidated Annual Activity Report (CAAR).The CAAR indicates the results of the BEREC Office operations by reference to the objectives set in the BEREC Office WP 2017, the use made of the resources provided and the efficiency and effectiveness of the internal control systems.