2020 Consolidated Annual Activity Report of the BEREC Office

Document number: MB (21) 38

Document date: 29-06-2021

Date of registration: 30-06-2021

Author: BEREC Office

The Consolidate Consolidated Annual Activity Report (CAAR) for 2020 of the Agency for Support for BEREC (‘BEREC Office’) provides an overview of the activities carried out by the BEREC Office in implementing its Work Programme for 2020, as part of the Single Programming Document for 2020-2022. 2020 was an extraordinary year for the BEREC Office because the Agency needed to complete important milestones in the implementation of the new regulatory framework for electronic communication, while addressing the challenges arising from the world-wide COVID-19 pandemic. All the BEREC Office staff demonstrated extraordinary resilience and successfully adapted to the impact of the COVID 19 crisis. Despite the challenging circumstances, the BEREC Office continued to deliver its services to its main client – BEREC. The major achievements of the BEREC Office in 2020 in detail are presented in the CAAR provided herewith.